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We provide advice for organisations that are seeking to embed consideration of children and their play within strategic plans, public services and spatial developments. We specialise in project planning support, design guidance and the development of risk-benefit policies and procedures.


We design and facilitate research exploring the extent and quality of children’s opportunities for play. Actively involving children and adults, generating evidence to inform and evaluate projects. We specialise in play sufficiency assessments, associated action plans and evidence-based design recommendations.


We design and deliver training days, multi-agency play conferences and mentoring support for lead practitioners. We specialise in professional development that is tailored to the specific needs of those we work with, providing access to contemporary studies on childhood, play and playwork.

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Ludicology support those interested in play and playfulness to develop evidence based play centred policies and practices through our advice, research and training services. Use this form to get in touch and to let us know what kind of support you require.

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