Older Children Play Too

Wednesday October 9, 2019

Play and playing are most commonly understood to be something young children do. Often, playing is considered to be essential for younger children. We argue that play is just as important for older children and in 2018 and 2019 we had the opportunity to put pen to paper on the subject. This post provides a short summary and links to our Play Wales info sheet and interview with Play Australia.

Back in 2018 we wrote an info-sheet for Play Wales ‘Older Children Play Too’ all too often when thinking about and planning for play adults all too readily focus attention on young children. From our research we know that not only is playing important to older children but it’s also a focus for younger children too. This paper explores a range of issues influencing our perceptions and practices in regards to older children’s play.

Following publication of the Play Wales info-sheet, in 2019 we were contacted by Play Australia, they had read ‘Older children play too’ and felt an interview on the subject would make interesting reading for their members newsletter. The whole newsletter makes for an interesting read for those interested in children’s play, our interview runs across pages two and three. If you fancy a read, find it in the ‘Winter Edition 2019’ here.

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