Published Work

Thursday September 7, 2023

Find here some examples of our published work.

Play Wales. Playing and Being Well, Russell, W., Barclay, M., and Tawil, B. Publication forthcoming.

Russell, W., Tawil, B., & Barclay, M. (2023). (At) tending to rhizomes: how researching neighbourhood play with children can affect and be affected by policy and practice in transcalar ways in the context of the Welsh Government’s Play Sufficiency Duty. Civitas-Revista de Ciências Sociais23, e-42098.

Ludicology. Ed., (2021). Childhood play and the playwork principles. Cardiff: Play Wales

Ludicology. Ed., (2021). Practicing Playwork. Cardiff: Play Wales

Ludicology. Ed., (2021). Developing and managing a playwork project. Cardiff: Play Wales

Ludicology. Ed., (2021). Managing playworkers and working with other adults. Cardiff: Play Wales

Play Wales. Community toolkit: developing and managing play spaces, document review and update. Completed 2020

Tawil, B., and Barclay, M. (2021) There’s Nothing so Extraordinary about Playwork. in Russell, W., Derry, C., Fitzpatrick, J., and Handscomb, B. (eds) Stuff and Nonsense, Thinking Differently about Children’s Play. Great Britain: Gwealan Tops.

Russell, W., Barclay, M., Tawil, B. and Derry, C. (2020) Making it possible to do Play Sufficiency: Exploring the conditions that support local authorities to secure sufficient opportunities for children in Wales to play. Cardiff: Play Wales. Link to the summary report:

Barclay, M. and Tawil, B. (2020). The Welsh Play Sufficiency Duty and the roles of playworkers. Cardiff: Play Wales

Tawil, B. and Barclay, M. (2020) Play Sufficiency as an Organising Principle of Community Development. In Beck, D., and Purcell, R. (eds.) Community Development for Social Change. New York: Routledge

Russell, W., Barclay, M., Tawil, B. and Derry, C. (2019) Children’s Right to Play in Wales: Six years of stories and change since the commencement of the Welsh Play Sufficiency Duty. Cardiff: Play Wales. Link to summary report:

Tawil, B., (2019). Creativity and tool use in play settings. Cardiff: Play Wales

Barclay, M., (2019). Older children play too. Cardiff: Play Wales

Bullough, D., Pugh, C., and Tawil, B. (2018). ‘The Land’. in Brown, F. and Hughes, B.  (eds.) Aspects of playwork: Play and culture studies (Vol. 14). Rowman & Littlefield.

Tawil, B. (2017) How a play intervention programme influenced two primary school communities: A realistic evaluation. Unpublished Master’s Thesis: Leeds Beckett University.

Barclay, M. and Tawil, B. (2015) Assessing Play Sufficiency in Wrexham, Wales. Journal of Playwork Practice, (2015) Vol 2, No 2. Policy Press, University of Bristol.

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